Sep. 19th, 2009

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I woke up this morning with a really sore throat and a headache and a general fluey feeling. I can't hear stuff properly either, everything sounds muffled and really quiet. Which sucks. So I didn't do anything all day except play Zuma. Which doesn't suck. Oh, and I fangirled a little over the American guy that was on X Factor. I think his name was Ethan? He doesn't suck either. Oh, I also fangirled over Andrew Cook, but that's not really anything new. :D

Anyway, I felt I should write something on LJ because I haven't done that for a while. I've been meaning to blog about something for some time now and I never really got round to it, but I'm doing it now - ChartJackers.

Basically, four of my favourite YouTube stars - Nerimon, Charlieissocoollike, Jimmy0010 and JohnnyDurham19 - have started this project with the support of the BBC. They have about two months to crowd-source a number one single. They're not allowed to write, perform or produce the single themselves; their only role is to oversee the project as a whole. They don't have any money or music industry experience, and all the proceeds from the single are going to charity. This video explains it better:


I think it's a really great idea and I suppose the point of this post is to try and convince you that it's a great idea. If you happen to think that, please show the guys some support by subscribing to the ChartJackers Youtube channel, and by buying the single when it comes out, and maybe even by getting involved in the actual project. :D

One more thing to whore out and then I'll go. Tumblr. I've decided I am going to start using this because I want a place to post the really random thoughts I get that are just too small to warrant their own LJ post. Yeah. Tumblr. Woot.


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