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Birthdate:Feb 16
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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supernatural. being human. merlin. doctor who. sarah jane adventures. primeval. strange. alice. jonathan creek. sherlock. spooks. silent witness. the cut. gilmore girls. miranda. mock the week. not going out. qi. would i lie to you. eight out of ten cats. russell howard's good news. horrible histories. ask rhod gilbert. fast and loose. whose line is it anyway. whites. popatron. stand up for the week. the unbelievable truth. vaguely live radio. the russell howard and jon richardson show.
david cook & the anthemic. lee dewyze. kris allen. adam lambert. allison iraheta. alex day. chameleon circuit. hank green. mayday parade. dierks bentley. frank turner. martyn joseph. tiffany alvord. taylor swift. adam barnes. 30 seconds to mars. boys like girls. daughtry. gavin mikhail. midwest kings. to have heroes. chris townsend. mesh-29. take that.
miranda hart. john green. hank green. charlie mcdonnell. alex day. misha collins. ben mansfield. aidan turner. lenora crichlow. bradley james. colin morgan. professor brian cox. greg foot. mathew baynton. russell howard. jon richardson. humphrey ker. matt smith. karen gillan. arthur darvill. david cook. michael johns. adam lambert. kris allen. allison iraheta.
shipsfriendshipslove, ire & song
casitel/balthazar/gabriel. castiel/gabriel/sam winchester. castiel/balthazar. castiel/gabriel. balthazar/gabriel. sam winchester/castiel. sam winchester/gabriel. castiel/crowley. dean winchester/sam winchester. dean winchester/castiel. amy pond/rory williams. arthur pendgragon/merlin. captain becker/jess parker. captain becker/connor temple. danny quinn/jenny lewis. olive loxley/stephen mackinnon. rory gilmore/jess mariano. luke danes/lorelai gilmore. miranda/gary preston. syed masood/christian clarke. amy pond/arthur pendragon. amy pond/gabriel. amy pond/castiel.
john mitchell + george sands. eleventh doctor + rory williams. tenth doctor + donna noble. eleventh doctor + donna noble. merlin + gwaine. jonathan creek + maddy magellan. james lester + jess parker. emily merchant + jess parker. captain becker + danny quinn. rory gilmore + lorelai gilmore. the doctor + bobby singer. the doctor + sam winchester. the doctor + bela talbot. eleventh doctor + gabriel. eleventh + balthazar. eleventh doctor + castiel. rory williams + sam winchester. rory williams + castiel. donna noble + dean winchester. donna noble + castiel. amy pond + sam winchester + dean winchester.
let's be heroes, let's be martyrs, let's be radical thinkers, who never have to test drive the least of their dreams. let's divide up the world into the damned and the saved, and then ride to the valley like the old life brigade, and straighten our backs and we won't be afraid, and they'll celebrate our deaths with a nationcal parade.
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